The Features of Legal Regulation of Big Data in the Context of the Development of the Digital Earth

  • Sona De Apro Московский государственный университет имени Ломоносова
Ключевые слова: Digital Earth, Big Data, Cloud Technologies, Legal Regulation, Information Security, IT


When creating a Digital Earth, huge amounts of data are generated through remote sensing and various sensors to observe our planet. Big Data has become of particular value in the context of the development of the Digital Earth. At the same time, every day there is more and more information, which creates serious problems for their collection, storage, processing, ensuring their security and legal regulation. The advent of cloud technologies has made it possible to provide computing support for collecting, storing and processing Big Data, while the heterogeneity of the amount of data collected is growing and it becomes difficult to determine their legal regime, jurisdiction and protection in general. The report analyzes the sources of Big Data used for the development of the Digital Earth, the peculiarities of their collection, storage and processing through cloud technologies, analyzes the prospects and risks of the development of the Digital Earth in terms of the security of Big Data and their legal regulation.


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