In Memoriam of Stanislav Klimenko (1941-2018)

Editor of Almanac Geocontext, one of the founders of scientific visualization and Russian informatics at all, one of the leaders of neogeography movement, famous scientist and professor, Stanislav Vladimirovich Klimenko - passed away at 13th of April, 2018. 

Stanislav Vladimirovich Klimenko was born November, 8, 1941 in Tbilisi, Georgia - his father was from small mounting village Manglisi in Georgia. He spent his childhood in small town Belaya Tserkov (White Church) in Ukraine. After graduating from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, MIPT (1966) he worked as physicist in Institute for High Energy Physics in Protvino, Russia, from 1967 till 2003. In this institute Stanislav Vladimirovich Klimenko became a famous physicist professor, researcher, scientific manager. He became PhD (1974), Doctor of Science (1986), professor (1992), laureate of the Science and Technology Prize of Government of USSR (1984).  He was a Head of Chair of System Integration of a MIPT since 1998. He was involved in variety of different scientific projects and activities, was an editor of a range of a scientific journals, including Geocontext, was a Chair of Program Commiittees of a range of international scientific forums. He was an expert of influential Russian scientific societies, author of more than 300 scientific articles and 6 books. More importantly, that behind these formal ranks, degrees and titles there was the personality of a scale, depth and integrity that is rare in the present times.  

Having started his scientific activity in the field of high-energy physics, Stanislav Vladimirovich Klimenko came to the conclusion that it was necessary to establish a new research area- scientific visualization. In fact, he became one of its founders and one of the most respected and well-known members of the international scientific community. For the last three decades his life has been inseparably linked with the science and technology of visualization. This area began more as an applied one, but its fundamental importance was realized very quickly. In the last decade, the focus of attention of Stanislav Vladimirovich Klimenko has shifted to fundamental questions of visual perception of images, neogeography and visual analytics, semiotics of visual issues. The significance of some of his works in the field of visualization theory, written in recent years, has yet to be fully realized.

Neogeography Group and the editorial board of the Almanac "Geocontext" worked closely with Stanislav Vladimirovich Klimenko for the last ten years, on which the fundamental and worldview significance of scientific visualization had to be realized. Neogeography, situational awareness, network-centricity, visual analytics were in the focus of his attention, he provided significant and invaluable support in the initial, most difficult period of realizing the importance of these problem areas for science and society. The fact that the neo-geographical concept of Digital Earth was supported in Russia at the highest level, and now Russia occupies a worthy place in this area is the considerable merit of Stanislav Vladimirovich Klimenko. Equally important is his role in the formation of information resources - Geokontext Journal and the portal "Neogeography." His last interview - "Management and visualization: two sides of the same coin" - Stanislav Vladimirovich Klimenko gave to the portal "Neogeography".

The memory of Stanislav Vladimirovich Klimenko will remain in our hearts. It will also be imprinted in the Protvino school of visualization, neogeography and semiotics, formed thanks to Stanislav Vladimirovich Klimenko.

Stanislav Vladimirovich Klimenko (1941-2018) near the banner of Digital model of Protvino, created by Neogeography Group

 Stanislav Vladimirovich Klimenko (1941-2018) and cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Alexandrovich Serebrov (1944-2013)

Stanislav Vladimirovich Klimenko (1941-2018)