Auto-Audit of Digital Earth and Beyond

  • Yuri Baturin, Prof. Институт истории естествознания и техники российской академии наук
Ключевые слова: Digital Earth, Auto-Audit, reflexion, noosphere


The question is posed: "If we use the Digital Earth to verify the results of an audit (e.g. land cadastre) conducted in a traditional format, who can verify the Digital Earth itself?" The answer is, "The Digital Earth can audit itself. Only you have to teach it to do it". The mechanism of self-checking is proposed to be realized through autoreflexion. If Digital Earth is "taught" autoreflexion, there are no obstacles to the transition to peer-to-peer reflexion and multirange reflexion. The reflexive model of the Digital Earth is discussed both in the case of ordinary introspection (auto-audit) and in the case of multiple ranks of reflexion. The way of inclusion of the person in the digital network as a support structure of the Digital Earth is discussed. At the next level of development the reflexive Digital Earth becomes recursive, which means development toward the noosphere as understood by academician Vladimir I. Vernadsky – the thinking Digital Earth. Finally, at the highest stage of development Digital Earth will understand man and humanity.


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Baturin, Yuri. 2020. Auto-Audit of Digital Earth and Beyond. Геоконтекст 8 (1), 17-21.

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