On the visual definition of Digital Earth in the form of a logo

  • Вероника Серебрякова NPP VNIEEM
  • Анастасия Турищева МИИГАиК
  • Ирина Данелян NPP VNIIEM
  • Олег Никонов
Keywords: Digital Earth, semiotics, sign, logo, visualization


The article discusses the process of creating the logo of The 8th digital Earth Summit and the problem of creating a "visual definition" of the Digital Earth as an image that expresses its essential and specific feature.

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Серебрякова, Вероника, Анастасия Турищева, Ирина Данелян, and Олег Никонов. 2019. “On the Visual Definition of Digital Earth in the Form of a Logo”. Geocontext 7 (1), 38-43. https://www.geo-context.org/index.php/geocontext/article/view/46.