Geocontext-2020: data


On September 9, 2020, the Russian scientific citation index updated the information on the "Geocontext" almanac by 2019 publications. According to new data, in seven volumes of the annual interdisciplinary almanac "Geocontext", published annually since 2013, a total of 44 articles by authors from 7 countries in three languages (Russian, English, German) were published. 13 of them have been cited 33 times in 28 publications since then. The maximum number of citations per article so far is 8.


Dynamics of impact-factors of "Geocontext" in 2018-2019 (according to

The two-year impact factor of the (calculated from 2018 for journals citations only) was 0.636, from all sources - 0.909, without self-citations - 0.273. The ten-year Hirsch Index of "Geocontext" is 3. The number of views of articles in 2019 - 325, the number of downloads of articles in the same year - 89. The average age of authors in 2019 was estimated as 58.3 years, their average individual Hirsch Index was 9.8.


Citations of "Geocontext" articles up in 2020 (according to