Subjectification of Smart Cities: приглашение к участию

Лаборатория комплексного картографирования МГУ им. Ломоносова совместно с британскими коллегами приглашает молодых ученых и аспирантов принять участие в воркшопе Subjectification of Smart Cities в Манчестере с 16 по 20 июня 2019 года.   Read more about Subjectification of Smart Cities: приглашение к участию

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Vol 6 No 1 (2018): Geocontext
Almanac Geocontext 2018 Vol.6

Volume 6 (2018) of the annual interdisiplinary almanac "Geocontext"

Published: 2019-03-17


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All scientists interested in problems of geospatial context, Digital Earth, semotics, etc. are invited to submit to six (2018) volume of Almanac "Geocontext". Contributions should be prepared in accordance with template and submitted through the sumbmission system of the site of Almanac

Almanac "Geocontext" has been published since 2013. Almanac is interdisciplinary, submissions are peer-to-peer reviewed, publications are free for authors. Currently, the materials of the Almanac "Geocontext" are indexed in the RSCI and in Google Scholar.