What is concept in my opinion?

  • Абрам Бенцианович Соломоник
Keywords: Generalization, notion, concept, Generalization, notion, concept


The paper deals with the content of the “concept” notion.

Author Biography

Абрам Бенцианович Соломоник

Abram Solomonik is a Soviet and Israeli scholar, philologist, author of numerous (more than ten) and widely used Hebrew language dictionaries, who for a long time was the chief methodologist of the Israeli Ministry of Education for teaching Hebrew adults. The last two decades, the main sphere of his scientific interests is general and applied semiotics, including cartesemiotics. The author of eight published works on semiotics, seven of which are written in Russian.

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Соломоник, Абрам. 2019. “What Is Concept in My Opinion?”. Geocontext 6 (1), 4-11. http://www.geo-context.org/index.php/geocontext/article/view/34.

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