Measuring Earthquake Induced Surface Displacement in Morocco using SBAS Interferometry

Keywords: SBAS, Interferometry, Sentinel-1, Earthquakes, Al Hoceïma


We apply the Small Baseline Subset (SBAS) Differential SAR interferometry (DInSAR) method to monitor ground movement following several earthquakes between 12.09.2015 and 10.03.2016 in Al Hoceïma, Morocco. The study focuses on selecting and stacking multiple interferograms to attenuate the atmospheric noise while preserving the interferometric measurement of the deformation signal. The selection process is discussed to reduce the effect of stacking small signal. We generated 25 interferograms covering the above time span using Sentinel-1 images. Cumulative displacement of -8 to 8 mm was detected in the Rif Mountains and around the epicenter of the 24 February 2004 earthquake.

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Muhire, Desire, Yassine Tounsi, Ahmed Siari, and Abdelkrim Nassim. 2019. “Measuring Earthquake Induced Surface Displacement in Morocco Using SBAS Interferometry”. Geocontext 6 (1), 58-70.